Slow down and
reconnect with ancestral origins

One hour away from Lisbon, near the village of Sta. Margarida do Sado in Alentejo,
our fifteen “houses” invite you to live to the rhythm of nature and everyday pleasures of Southern Portugal’s slow country life.

Casas do Rio Sado
Sado River Country Retreat.

The suites are set in a 270-hectare estate surrounded by the Sado river from the West, South and East. The entrance to the property is only a 5-minute drive from the exit “IP8 / Beja / Ferreira” of the Lisbon-Algarve highway (71 minutes’ drive from Lisbon and 76 minutes’ drive from Albufeira).
Inside the property, large paddy fields extend from the river margins, and ancestral cork tree woods and Mediterranean pine trees cover its interior.

property master plan



The river, with its rice paddies, and the cork tree woods create a rich and diverse ecosystem, with abundance of wildlife. Here, storks, herons, ducks and other water birds inhabit the river and paddy fields, in peaceful coexistence with the the hares, rabbits and partridges that live in the cork woods.

water, earth, fire and air

In these rural houses, guests are invited to “slow down”, reconnect with the ancestral origins and contact with the four elements: the water in the river, rice fields and pools; the land covered with ancestral cork woods and filled with rural tradition; the fireplace fire; and the night sky full of stars.