Experiences to
Savor “Slowly, Slowly”

Grow your own vegetable garden, observe the rice farming process and other agricultural activities
and benefit from the restorative effects of yoga.

to savor “slowly, slowly”

Rice cultivation

The work day begins at 8h and extends until 18h, except during the rice planting season (May and June) and harvest (August and September), when work begins at 8h and may extend into the warm summer nights.

Cork Woods

Field cleaning, sowing yellow lupines, and, at certain times, cork extraction.

“Your vegetable garden”

This activity is available by appointment only.
You are invited to grow your own vegetable garden assisted by our team.


This activity is available by appointment only.
Take advantage of the restorative effects of yoga by fostering your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being – temporarily unavailable.