Wake up to the silence of nature and laze on your terrace …

A uma hora de Lisboa, junto à aldeia de Sta. Margarida do Sado, as nossas quinze “casas” convidam
a viver ao ritmo natureza e dos prazeres e quotidianos alentejanos.

Experiences to savour “slowly, slowly

In these rural houses, guests are invited to slow down and contact with the four elements: the water in the river and rice paddies; the land covered with ancestral cork woods and filled with rural tradition; the fire in the convivial spaces, and the clean unpolluted air full of natural scents.


Monte das Figueiras
Santa Margarida do Sado
IP8 – N 259 – Km 20
7900-303 Santa Margarida do Sado
GPS 38º 6 ´54″ N   8º 21´52″ O

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