To respect the environment and the area where we are located, we have remodelled the rural houses existing on the estate since 1955 using traditional construction techniques and local labour. Only the swimming pool area, including the events hall and reception, were built from scratch. Furthermore, the décor includes artifacts from the farm and craft pieces bought from local artisans to help guests learn about the local culture.

We have a solar water heating system and use mainly LED bulbs that waste less energy than other styles of lighting. In addition, we choose warm colour and low intensity bulbs to respect the circadian rhythm of people and animals and facilitate the observation of stars.

Whenever possible, our breakfast includes fresh fruit from our farm, Alentejo bread from a local bakery and organic foods (temporarily unavailable).

Most of our employees are from the area and we kindly ask our guests to reuse towels and dispose waste separately in the recycling containers.

We are committed to preserving the scenic beauty and biodiversity of the estate and are proud to be a “non-hunting reserve”.


As of 2019, Casas do Rio Sado was granted the NATURAL.PT Certification