Explore the walking and cycling routes running through the estate…

and relax in one of the swings hanging from the trees.

One day
at Casas do Rio Sado…

swimming pools at sunrise

Wake up to the silence of nature and laze on the veranda resting your sight on the vast rice paddies.

Dining area by the window in the shared kitchen

Take your breakfast on the veranda, in the shed or in the dining room.


Swim or just relax in one of our two pools, resting your sight on the peaceful rice fields beneath you.

view of the sado river from inside the estate

Explore our nature paths inside the cork woods or along the river, either on foot or on one of our bikes, and relax in one of the swings hanging from the trees.

kitchen for guests’ use

Cook, either by yourself or with friends and neighbours, in the guests’ kitchen (temporarily unavailable).

heron by the rice paddies

Observe the local fauna in a region where 91 different birds were identified.

long life cork oak

Visit the “Long Life Cork Oak” – legend has it that whoever goes twice around this ancestral cork tree will live up to 100 years of age.


Admire the scenery from the viewpoint, picnic under the wooden gazebo and enjoy a magnificent sunset.

suite at night

And finally, relax on the veranda between stars and natural sounds.

Rates and Reservations